Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All of a sudden

I went in Rylie's room to get her up this morning & when I opened the door, she did her usual "jump-up-from-the-pillow" & was standing there, happy to see me. But she looked different today. Something about her just looks more.....grown up!
I dont know what has changed over-night, but she looks so much more like a big girl today than she did yesterday!

Maybe I'm the only one who sees it, but something is just different today...

I cant believe this happened in just 1 night! My little girl's definitely not a baby anymore!
And coincidentally, today we visited our neighborhood's Primrose School for a tour. We've been planning on sending Rylie there ever since we moved here over a year ago, but they only do part-time days when they reach 2 years old. Since that's coming up sooner than I want we decided to go ahead & make the move to get the ball rolling on getting her registered there.

Rylie was very comfortable there today & seemed to fit right in! I really think she's going to enjoy it there, although only for 2 days a week! She's going to be getting a good education though, as they have a structured curriculum & arent just running around crazy in one room the whole day. I cant wait for her to get started because I know it'll be something she'll really enjoy. However I'm sad she's already this big & starting school already!
Can you believe how fast time flies????


Becca - said...

She looks all ready for school in her cute apple outfit!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

There are those cute navy shoes right?! She does look a little more "big girlish" in those pics! I know they grow way to fast!