Friday, August 28, 2009

22 1/2 Months

Miss Rylie Paige already has some new things in the past 2 weeks since our 22 month post & while it's not many, I still want to document them!

*She jumps very well on her own now, getting more height off the ground now.
*She thinks any flaw on something is a "booboo" (i.e. a stain on clothing is a booboo, a mark on her toy is a booboo, and we had our first "kids say the darndest things" moment from something like this recently....we'll just leave it at that lol)
*She always wants to go outside! She points to the door or tries to open it & looks out the window. It's just been so hot lately we've been limiting outside time to the evenings.
And here's miss priss yesterday morning, waiting on her breakfast!

She saw her hat & sunglasses on her dresser yesterday morning (we always lay her clothes out for the next day before bed) and insisted on wearing them all morning!


Rachel said...

I love this picture!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love that she insisted on wearing those b4 breakfast. You can never be to dressed up!

grandma said...

That's the little "diva". She's already for the outside and won't give mom a chance to change her mind'