Friday, August 21, 2009

2 Months Until 2 Years old

Also on Wednesday, Rylie turned 22 months old!

Here's what she's up to now at 22 months old (and I've been working on this post for awhile now so hopefully I havent left anything out!)

*Saying lots of words now, but still very quiet for her age. Her most-used words now are
-More (and still signs it too)
-Peeeze (Please)
-Mo (Elmo)
-Racker (Cracker)
-Eeea (Ear)
-Mooouuuu (rhymes with wow-Mouth)
-Shhhh-uuuuuu (Shoe)
-Goo Guurr (Good Girl lol)
-Anny (Granny)
-Ash (Ashlee aka Mommy)
-Ry Ry (Rylie)
-Guuuurrrrr (yogurt)
-En en & sometimes den den (Jaiden)
-Ken & sometimes Kenull (Kendall)
-ten ooouuu (Thank you)

*Walks up the stairs like a girl holding the railings
*She thinks everything is a phone & will "talk" on it (i.e. remote control, calculator, anything)
*She points to things & says what they are now vs. us pointing to them & asking her what they are
*She has to sleep/nap in either a onesie backwards or a full piece footed pajama piece in order to keep her clothes on & get her to leave her diaper on.
*She knows which house on our street belongs to which friend of hers
*She points to pictures & says people's names that she knows (family).
*She's completely feeding herself with utensils now (toddler ones). Mommy kinda held back on this a little because I dont like messes but she's done so good at this! The last step was the yogurt because hers are very runny & extra messy but she's got it down now with minimal mess!
*She's in a very "I do it myself" stage! She doesnt like to have help with anything!
*We've taken a step back on potty training lately. We've been feeling too much pressure on it dont think she's ready yet so they're still there but we're going to take a break on that for now.
*She's finally eating more foods now! Foods she used to hate & now love-macaroni & cheese, fish sticks, pizza, & pretty much anything were eating for dinner.
*She will say the sounds of these animals-kitty, monkey, & cow.
*Her favorite thing to do is go into Mommy's closet, pull out all my shoes & put them on one at a time. I cant get her to leave my shoes alone! lol We've had to put another gate on our bedroom door to keep her out since she's figured out how to work the door childproof locks!

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