Monday, August 31, 2009

Jessika's Baby Shower

On Saturday our family trekked back up to Waco again because I was helping host a baby shower for a friend, Jessika! She's due to have baby Skye Gracyn on October 8!

The hosts & mamma-to-be: Shelly, Jessika, Me, & Courtney
(Not pictured is Cammy who couldnt make it because her husband was in a car wreck earlier in the week! Poor thing! They could really use some prayers too!)

Me & Jessika
Isnt she the cutest preggo ever?!

The beautiful spread!

Yummy cupcakes!!

The bow holder I made for Skye!

Jessika's shower was a great success! She's all set for Skye now! All we need now is the princess to arrive! =) We're hoping for a safe deliver for baby & Mamma!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I first mentioned Makenzie Butler back in May for a prayer request. I'm sure with everybody's busy lives, she has been forgotten on this blog. Well, I hope you all pay extra special attention to her now. Like I've said before Miss Makenzie is a little girl who just turned 2 years old. Her mom's in my mom's Sunday School class back in Waco. And miss Makenzie has been battling Cancer. She had a hysterectomy back in the Spring. And there was a time this Summer, after much chemo & radiation, that they had said Makenzie was going to be just fine. Unfortunately, she's made a turn for the worse. My mom called this morning to say they announced in Sunday School that Makenzie has been given 2 weeks to live. Her mom has brought her home to be comfortable & spend time with her family. Makenzie's in a lot of pain right now, so she's on a lot of medicine.
And again, she's barely 2 years old.

This little girl will not go trick or treating this Halloween, and she wont get to sit on Santa's lap this Christmas. She wont ever have her 1st day of school or go to Prom. Her mom wont get her ready for her 1st date with a boy or yell at her for breaking curfew. She wont ever get her drivers license or go off to college. And she wont get to experience all the little tiny things either that most of us take for granted....unless there's a miracle. So keep her family in your prayers, that there will be a miracle.....or Makenzie to be free from pain during this time.

You can read more about Makenzie at her site

Thanks for reading..

Friday, August 28, 2009

"Miss Behaving"

Little "Miss Behaving" wanted to go outside so bad this morning after breakfast! She's like a little puppy who goes running excitedly to the door when she hears the word "outside!" Only Rylie doesnt hang out her tongue or wag her tail while doing it! I really cant wait for cooler weather so her & I can spend more time outside! All we did this morning was check the mail & run a quick errand!
Hope everyone has a good weekend!

22 1/2 Months

Miss Rylie Paige already has some new things in the past 2 weeks since our 22 month post & while it's not many, I still want to document them!

*She jumps very well on her own now, getting more height off the ground now.
*She thinks any flaw on something is a "booboo" (i.e. a stain on clothing is a booboo, a mark on her toy is a booboo, and we had our first "kids say the darndest things" moment from something like this recently....we'll just leave it at that lol)
*She always wants to go outside! She points to the door or tries to open it & looks out the window. It's just been so hot lately we've been limiting outside time to the evenings.
And here's miss priss yesterday morning, waiting on her breakfast!

She saw her hat & sunglasses on her dresser yesterday morning (we always lay her clothes out for the next day before bed) and insisted on wearing them all morning!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update on Brianna's Dad

There's not good news on today's post about my friend Brianna's's some basic info from his CaringBridge site posted 30 minutes ago:

"...The weather is dreary in Dallas today & unfortunately, the news kind of follows suit. Mike is coming out of surgery as we speak. The Doctor said that it was a very tough surgery today. The family didn’t realize that the lung was infected, which made today’s surgery even more imperative. The infection is a totally separate issue from the on-going bout of pneumonia. The doctors sucked the infection out of the lung, removed the blood from under the lung to make room for the lung to be able to expand to take in breath, & removed the rib which had penetrated through his diaphragm & was piercing his liver. I believe the Doctors used the terminology “Flail Chest."
As you may know from earlier letters, Mike has 8 broken ribs on his right side. All the medical professionals have said that 8 broken ribs is a tremendous amount of trauma. Mike’s current condition is very delicate. The next 24 hours are really going to be crucial. Today may be one of those days you might want to pull out one of your “extra special” prayers for Mike & the family. If things go well, it will take about 3 weeks for the lungs to heal.
Mike will have two more relatively simple procedures within the next day or two. He needs to have a tracheotomy put in......and a PEG (more of a long term type feeding tube) put into his stomach thru his abdominal wall. Both of these procedures will aid him in life support, we just don’t know for how long. Once again, we will be back to “the waiting game” to see how Mike progresses...."

To view the whole story on Brianna's stepdad's accident, view his CaringBridge site
And please keep this family in your thoughts & prayers!

Just Chilling

Yesterday afternoon David got Rylie up from her nap when he got home from work & the 2 of them were hanging out together. When I later walked into the living room, I again saw this big girl who had changed so much overnight. She was doing something for the very first time....

Actually being still & watching TV for a little while!

She's never done this before! It's not like we've wanted her to be glued in front of the TV at all, but we did find it a little odd that she never wanted to watch TV longer than 30 seconds before. And she was so cute laying on the floor-such a big girl now!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All of a sudden

I went in Rylie's room to get her up this morning & when I opened the door, she did her usual "jump-up-from-the-pillow" & was standing there, happy to see me. But she looked different today. Something about her just looks more.....grown up!
I dont know what has changed over-night, but she looks so much more like a big girl today than she did yesterday!

Maybe I'm the only one who sees it, but something is just different today...

I cant believe this happened in just 1 night! My little girl's definitely not a baby anymore!
And coincidentally, today we visited our neighborhood's Primrose School for a tour. We've been planning on sending Rylie there ever since we moved here over a year ago, but they only do part-time days when they reach 2 years old. Since that's coming up sooner than I want we decided to go ahead & make the move to get the ball rolling on getting her registered there.

Rylie was very comfortable there today & seemed to fit right in! I really think she's going to enjoy it there, although only for 2 days a week! She's going to be getting a good education though, as they have a structured curriculum & arent just running around crazy in one room the whole day. I cant wait for her to get started because I know it'll be something she'll really enjoy. However I'm sad she's already this big & starting school already!
Can you believe how fast time flies????

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time to catch-up

Well our Tuesday hasnt been very eventful & we couldnt be happier! Rylie & I played together alllll morning long before her nap. So after she woke up, I entertained her a little more before David got home from work. Then he & Rylie had some "Daddy-Daughter" time while Mommy got to catch-up on some crafts! I finished all my bows I needed for the Fall/Winter clothes Rylie currently has & Rylie had some great quality time with her Daddy before bed!
That's pretty much been our day! Thankfully it was leftovers night for dinner! =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Bouncing with Neighbors

Yesterday afternoon I went to a jewelry party at a friends house. When I got back, this is what I saw across our driveway & into the neighbors' yard!

Our neighbors got a new bouncer & invited Rylie to bounce with them & since some of the other neighbor kids are bigger (and more rought & tumble) than Rylie, David also set up hers next to theirs for the littler kids on the street to play in!

Rylie & our neighbor's boy Kai in the little bouncer!

Sliding down the big bouncer slide!

And sliding down the little slide! lol See Kai over to the side too?

Rylie had such a good time playing with her friends! She came in for dinner all sweaty & tired! Perfect way to wear her out before bed! hehe

Paper Tiara

After Rylie's Princess Playdate last Wednesday, all the girls got little paper tiaras to take home. Rylie wore hers around the class for a little bit & then we headed out to lunch. I realized that evening though that Rylie left her tiara in the classroom. =( I knew she really loved that little paper tiara, so I emailed her teacher & sure enough she had Rylie's! She was in our neighborhood Saturday evening & was nice enough to drop it off for Rylie. It might've seemed like nothing important, but to Rylie it meant a lot! She wore this paper tiara most of the day Sunday!

"I'm so excited I got my tiara back!"

"Do you wanna wear my tiara?"

"Yay! I wanna go get groceries with you Mommy!"

"I wanna wear my tiara to the store!"

And she did! And you know what, she kept this thing on much longer than any of her bows!

Thank you so much Miss Sandy for bringing back her tiara!

Tax-Free Gymboree & Rainforest Cafe!

Saturday afternoon, we took Rylie to Katy to go to the regular Gymboree (as in not an outlet one like we visited on Friday). They had coupons over the weekend, plus tax-free & David had seen a dress he'd been very eager to get for her to wear this Fall/Winter.

Rylie had fun in the kids area while Daddy was paying. True Daddy's girl!
We also got some great deals! I heard the sales lady say they had so much inventory in the back from really old lines. I asked if I could see what they had in 2T for Rylie to wear this Fall/Winter/Spring. So she pulled some stuff out & I ended up getting Rylie a red, reversible hearts hoodie for $2!!! PLUS I had my coupon of 30% off of that! And we got her 2 more tshirts for $4 each! Awesome! The sales lady said they sold some jeans from a really old line earlier that day for get this 90 CENTS!! I'm so glad I asked to see what they had & will have to start doing that more often!

After our Gymboree success, we took Rylie to the Rainforest Cafe finally for the 1st time! Its in the Katy Mills Mall, which is why we drove all the way out to this particular Gymboree too!

Trying on souvenir hats in the gift shop!

Saying hi to the fish on our way to our table

Rylie was excited to be there! She loved the place!


And I got 2 cute videos of Rylie at the Rainforest Cafe, but Blogger's being difficult again, so you'll have to click here to view them! Scroll down to see the second one!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Morning Chit-Chat

Rylie looooovvvves talking on the phone! Usually when we call someone though, she just says a few words & then takes off playing with something else. Saturday morning, however, she just talked & talk & talked to her Grandma for the longest time! I'm pretty sure she babbled on about anything & everything! And then she'd stop & laugh at what she just said & then keep on talking! So I got some pictures of her, mostly for you Grandma, so you can see what this cutie looked like on our end! (And yes she's still wearing pj's & has bed hair! hehe)

"Now you tell cousin Isaac I want him at my birthday party!"

"Hmm....I dont know about that, Grandma!"

"I cant buh-leeeve Mommy wont let me have cookies for breakfast!"

Who knows what Rylie was really babbling about, except Rylie! She sure did enjoy telling Grandma all about it though! And I tried to get video, but every time I started recording, she'd stop talking! lol Of course!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tax-Free Outlet Shopping

Yesterday Rylie & I ventured out to the nearest outlet mall (about 45 minutes away) since tax-free shopping started in Texas.
(I know some readers are in other states & dont have this, so I'll explain-Texas started doing a tax-free shopping weekend a few years back to give families a little break on back-to-school clothes. It's only for clothes, shoes, & some accessories under $100. I dont know what other states do this, except for Tennessee because a few weeks ago I was given TN's dates & almost headed out before I was told it wasnt TX weekend yet! haha)

Anyways, miss priss had her purse & was ready to go!

We stopped at Good Company BBQ for lunch before getting to the outlet mall to surprise Rylie with a visit from....

...her Daddy! She was so excited! I didnt tell her he was coming! He works kinda close to this restaurant on the way to the outlet mall so he could get away & have an early lunch with us!

Rylie & Mommy at lunch! She was cheesin so big her eyes are closed! lol

We didnt end up finding too much at the outlet mall this trip. Carters had a great sale going though! We got a few things there, as well as Gymboree Outlet, and we did find Rylie these cute navy shoes at Baby Gap Outlet! I've been looking for navy shoes for a long time!

She loved trying them on & didnt want to take them off. The sales lady had to scan them while she was wearing them in order for us to leave! lol Rylie loves shoes!
Overall, we had ourselves a pretty good time! Miss priss napped the entire drive home!

Ponytail Priss & A Potty 1st!

Ok first, lemme start off by saying 2 of Rylie's friends also sported a ponytail look for the 1st time earlier this week-Kendall & then Kinley. We did not put Rylie's hair in a pony just because 2 of her friends did. I didnt even do this-David did & he's never seen those other blogs. I didnt even think Rylie's hair was long enough for a pony yet. So with that being said, here's what follows...
Thursday night after Rylie's bath, David put Rylie's hair in a pony just to see if it would be long enough to because we've gotten so many comments lately on how long Rylie's hair is getting. When he brought her downstairs to me, I burst out laughing! It was the cutest thing! She looked like such a big girl all of a sudden! Now it was very messy because it was put up on a whim without even really trying, but I still had to get pictures of it!

She was eating some chocolate chip cookies & milk while watching "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory" while I was taking these pictures! Doesnt she look so much more grown up?? Aww my baby girl!
Anyways, her hair is getting longer all of a sudden & kinda shaggy so soon she's going to get her first haircut! ='(

Now, for the potty 1st that also happened....before her bath Thursday night David saw Rylie doing the "potty face" (you know what I'm talking about) so he ran her over to her little potty & sat her on it just in time for her to go #2 on it for the 1st time!! She was so proud of herself too! We started clapping & praising her so she'd know that was a good thing & what she was supposed to do & then she did the cutest thing! She pointed to the potty & said "poopoo. bye bye!" & waved bye bye to her poopoo! lol David & I were rolling on the floor laughing! She was so darn cute! And no I did not take any pictures of this! I'm very interested now to see if Rylie will progress more on the potty or if this was just a whim....

Thursday Swim, Ducks, & Errands

On Thursday I took Rylie to our neighborhood pool again since it's the last week the pool will be open during the week (our schools here go back this Monday). While I was getting myself ready, Rylie went in my closet & got some of my bracelets off my vanity in there. She's just barely started showing interest in bracelets this past week or so, as before she'd take them off immediately when I tried putting her own on her. Funny enough though, the bracelets she picked out this day matched her swimsuit, so I let her keep them on!

"I'm ready to go now!"

Rylie was lucky enough to have the entire pool to herself! I took her to a different neighborhood pool than I did on Monday, just for a change of scenery.

Splish, splash!

I dont think she's ever really looked at the water turtle here before!

Soaking up some sun! (Dont worry, Mommy put loads of sunscreen on her!)

"Hold onto your hats, I'm coming in!"

She'd be a good pool cleaner! Every leaf she saw floating, she had to hand to me to take out!

Haha I love this face! She was blowing bubbles & got some water in her mouth & didnt like the taste of it!

Then after she swam for almost an hour, we decided to feed the ducks some leftover bread we had. The ducks & pond are right next to this pool.
The ducks must've just eaten though, because they didnt seem interested in our bread!

So we went home, got cleaned up & headed out for errands!

Doesnt she look so excited?! We just ran through the carwash & grabbed a Sonic drink on our way home! A diet, low cal cherry limeade sounded so good after a hot swim!