Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shoe Shopping

We took Rylie to Target last night to get some new shoes for Fall. They had just gotten their Fall selections out & you know Target doesnt keep stuff out for very long (or ever restock what they're running low on!) So we wanted to go ahead & get her some shoes now. They had so many cute new ones & reasonably priced! I picked out 6 for her to try on, but she hated all of them! She threw such a fit when we tried to put any on! She walked over to the shoe rack & picked out a pair of purple big-girl tennis shoes & wanted to only put those on!

(Ignore her messy bow!)
haha See how huge they are on her?

She was telling us "Shhh!" because we couldnt stop laughin at her!

Picking out another pair

"Hey, what's this string on them for?"

Strutting her stuff!
Were pretty sure purple is her favorite color because she always picks out purple stuff!
Sorry Rylie these shoes arent in your size though!
We did manage to get her 2 cute new pairs of shoes throughout all this!

Here's some videos too!
Notice in the beginning of the 1st video, she throws out the pretty shoes Mommy tried to get her to wear! haha


Becca - said...

I'm glad Rylie found some that she liked! he he. Kendall kept dragging around a pair of size 10 sandals. What's it with our girls and their shoes???

Which ones did you end up getting?? The pink ones?? And??? Let me know if you see any navy ones anytime soon!!

GRANDMA said...

little girl knows her own mind doesn't she!