Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Return of Kindermusik!

Today Rylie started her Summer II session at Kindermusik! We have now been enrolled for one year! (Click here to see pictures from one of last Summer's class).
Rylie was so excited to be back & see some of her friends again! She was a little shy at first though & very quiet...

She was such a well-behaved girl too! She helped everybody put all the toys away between sessions. She also stood on her listening spot very well!

Kendall did too!

Yay for returning to Kindermusik!

Haha she thought these were bracelets?! They're letters that pop out of the floor mats!
Goofy ball Rylie & Mommy during quiet time

Shaking her tamborine!
I'm sad this came out blurry but it's still a cute one of her running around! lol

And after class the kiddos got stamps! Rylie loves getting these!

Overall it was a great return to class today!!

Also-everybody please keep our neighbor Laurie (Jaiden's mommy) in your prayers! She's at the hospital contracting & has been for 24 hours now!


Becca - www.thatstoocute.net said...

Yay for Kindermusik! We were glad to be back too. Our girls are just so sweet standing on their listening spots. Maybe we should get some of those for our shopping trips to Gymboree. hmmmmmmmm??

Ashlee McCrary said...

HAHA yeah right! they'd only work if those spots had cages around them to keep them in one place! lol our girls love shoppin at gymboree too much!

Claire said...

What adorable pics! Kindermusik looks like a blast!


Brittany and Charlie said...

Riley is so cute! I enjoyed going back and reading several of your post!

Brittany and Charlie said...

Oops I think I spelley Rylie's name wrong...so sorry!