Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oops! Here's Tue Kindermusik!

I started putting together this post on Tue, when she had her class & then had to leave & forgot to come back to it! So here's Rylie's Kindermusik class from this week.....she learned about zebras & giraffes (they're on a "zoo" theme right now!)
She's got her zebra & had fun "giddy-ing up" around the room!

Got her listening spot to hear what a real zebra sounds like!

Baby girl at quiet time. She was sleepy today!

Kendall was so sweet & brought Rylie a zebra toy!

Rylie ready to go after class finished!
"Um Rylie I think you've got the wrong shoes on sweetie!"

PS I love how many people follow our blog so closely that they've mentioned waiting on Kindermusik post! Thanks because I probably would've never remembered to come back & post this! haha

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Brittany and Charlie said...

Love her little dress. Very cute!