Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th 2009!

Hope everybody had a great & safe 4th of July yesterday! It sure was a hot one here!
We got up early & took Rylie to our community's parade & picnic. The parade was just little kids on bikes, 4 wheelers, wagons, strollers, etc & people walking & dogs dressed up. It was cute though & we'll probably put Rylie in the parade next year, but for this year we just watched.

Waiting for the parade to start! We got her wagon an umbrella!

And a license plate! hehe

Our favorite "float" in the parade! The boy's holding a sign that said "Vote George Washington for President" So cute!

Rylie got cranky sitting in her wagon so we took her out

Me & my girl!

After the parade, there was a picnic. Rylie got a little balloon animal turtle & loved it so much!

We didnt stay too long because Rylie was very cranky. We went back home & I made my first homemade pie-apple of course! Everything was from scratch except the crust. Here's the recipe from Betty Crocker!

Apple mixture put into the crust....ready to go in the oven

Done! The top of the crust isnt burned. It's cinnamon that acciently got spilled on top when I was trying to lightly put some on.
Once the pie was ready we headed to Dave's Dad's lakehouse. It was so hot-100ยบ!!! We briefly headed out on the boat, but quickly came back as the water was extremely choppy, it was soo hot, and there was so many people out this year-way more than there's ever been.

Rylie looked so cute though in her new lifejacket! (Ugh it's Dora, but the only one the store had!)

Then we went back to the lakehouse to cool off. Rylie was showing off her patriotic swimsuit!

Ready to eat!!
Then we had a yummy dinner and some apple pie-which turned out yummy! We headed back home shortly after dinner to get Rylie in bed. She was so worn out & tired from all the festivities. We did see a few fireworks on the way home. Next year she'll be older & able to do more fun stuff!


The Pifer's said...

I love the pictures...and send me that recipe (if you don't mind)...Zach loves Apple Pie, I will have to make it for him sometime! :)

grandma said...

glad the pie turned out okay! Rylie just looks so grown up now with her 'BIG GIRL' pillow. Love the outfits she's wearing in all her photos. You always dress her so cute. Glad you all had a great 4th of July!