Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gymnastics: Week 4

Today I worked with getting Rylie back on the "big-girl" balance beam instead of the floor one she preferred last week. She finally did it with Mommy holding 1 hand & her teacher holding the other!

Then she went back to the floor one & walked it by herself!!

She's shown much progress on the beam & feels more confident now walking on it!

And she's now able to climb the slide by herself completely!

Blogger wont let me upload the video for some reason, so click here to see it on You Tube!

And here's her jumping off the spring onto a mat..

And the blue bouncy balls she loves to throw on the floor! Today Mommy held her while she sat on one & bounced! She loved it!

And of course she had to run across the trampoline again! She actually did some "jumping" today & of course never while I was filming!

That's about it from class today! Hopefully next week I'll actually capture more of her tricks on camera!

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Becca - said...

She always looks so excited to run across the trampoline! What joy!! I bet it's hard to get her off of it.