Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gymnastics Graduate!

Today was Rylie's last gymnastics class! We still havent decided whether she'll do the Fall session or wait until Spring. But today she wore a new fancy leotard Mommy bought her awhile back. It's still a bit big so I had to clip it in the back. hehe

Look how prissy she's standing, waiting on class to start! haha
Just talking to her girlfriend!

Last time on her favorite (pink) beam!

And she felt brave & stepped on the "big" beam....

And did a little trick! She's got both hands & both feet on there!

She just likes carrying these bouncy balls around & throwing them on the floor!

She did a flip on her own!

She jumped so much on the trampoline today! She got more height too than she has ever done before!
Here's some trampoline videos too....

Notice her wave while she was doing an almost flip?

And today she tried climbing the rope wall for the first time!

Then after stickers today all the kids got medals!
Here's Rylie's video getting hers

lol She didnt want to wear it!

She played with it for a little while & kept putting it on in weird ways, cracking everybody up!

Then finally as we were about to leave, she put it on right & did her arms up like a winner!

I'm so proud of this girl!


Brittany and Charlie said...

I would be proud too! I can't wait to put Savi in dance;)

grandma said...

She looks like a "Olympian gymnists."