Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gymnastics Class 5

Our little champ eating her breakfast....getting her protein before class!

I didnt take as many pictures during class today. I just took some during warmups.

Doing some stretches to her knees & then she reached her toes.

Circling her arms. Today was the 1st time she watched the teacher & then did it on her own without Mommy helping.

Doing her leg stretches. She reaches each foot & then stretches down the center.

And then apparently something was funny! lol

About halfway through the warmups Rylie gets antsy & wants to just get started. She kept pointing at the obstacle course next to us & trying to walk over there. When I told her no, she threw herself down & started crying very dramatically! Her teacher said sometimes the little ones do this because the warmup is quite lengthly (a little too much in my opinion) and Rylie just doesnt have a long attention span. Once we got started she was fine the rest of the day. She kept going down the slide over & over & over though since she's mastered climbing up it by herself last week! I didnt take other pictures because she just did the same stuff she's been doing the past weeks. I did though get video finally of her jumping on the trampoline!


Ape said...

she is just too cute

Heather said...

She is so cute!! I am wanting to get my oldest daughter in gymnastics, these are cute pics!