Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gymnastics Class #5 & #6

I only took a few pictures last week so I didnt blog about them, but here they are...
Doing her stretches & then jumping on the trampoline!
All the kiddos were kinda "everywhere" last week so it was a hectic class for sure! lol
Rylie was sooo good today though! She actually sat through the entire warmup (which she's only done once before on the first day haha) and then she listened really good to Mommy & her teacher & didnt throw any tantrums! So this means I took lots more pictures than usual! hehe

This is the big bouncy ball she likes to carry around. Only once has she let me sit her on it & bounce!

Haha she thought this was a "listening spot" from Kindermusik she did yesterday!

Running around!

This is her gymnastics friend-Bailey. She's so cute & says "Hi Rylie" at the start of every class!
Bailey is also about to be a big sister & was practicing her "big-sister talk" to Rylie!
And Rylie was like "Mom, whats the deal with this girl?!" lol

Rylie loved the rope today! Sometimes she'll actually sit on the knot & I'll hold her & swing her!
Today though she just kept swinging it & thought it was the funniest thing!

There's a bell at the top of the rope too that she liked to ring!
And here's video of her teacher helping her do a flip on the mat!
Then of course she got stickers after class!

Next week is her last gymnastics class & they'll do an "awards" ceremony so expect lots of pictures from that! =)

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Brittany and Charlie said...

Looks like she had fun!