Friday, July 31, 2009

Girls' Night!

Last night Rylie & I had a girls night together! After our walk outside I bathed her early & we both got in jammies.

"I'm ready to party!"

Then we made dinner-breakfast! We had pancakes, eggs, & sausage!

Rylie always puts her hands together at dinner & bedtime for prayer!

"Now lets eat!"

Then we cleaned up all that & played around for awhile. We had so much fun!

HAHA Rylie picked us both out bows to wear!

She loves Casper! I've had this doll since before I was ONE!
Rylie's obsessed with her!

Airplane ride! My brother used to do this with me & my sister when we were little!

Somebody's getting sleepy! We calmed down & watched Gilmore Girls off the DVR before bed. (That's our show by the way! hehe)

She was going to sleep with Mommy last night since David's been in Oklahoma City & getting home tonight but neither of us sleep well when she's in our room. She loves her bed so much so I took her to her room. We had such a good time though!


Becca - said...

Fun, Fun!! Cute idea!!

Brittany and Charlie said...

Aw how cute! I can't wait for this with my little one! Love the bows;)