Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dilemma Solution #2 & #3

Well, after Rylie was able to outsmart the onesie we decided to try the overnight pullups from Huggies. Turns out though, she's able to still undo the onesie shirt & just take off her pullup like she's wearing shorts. Ugh! Soooo I finally found some one-piece pj's in her size at Babies R Us the other day. They're pants & actually not technically pj's, but more play outfits, but they're working so far! They snap up the legs. We've just turned her fan on extra high to keep her from getting hot.
Also, Mommy bought her a big-girl pillow for her bed the other day too. She loves it! As soon as I lay her down on it, she doesnt move at all. It's pure comfort for her! Here she is napping today..

Looks so much like a big girl!


Ashley said...

So sweet! Rylie is adorable. I've heard of people putting onepiece, zip-up (footless) pajamas on backwards to keep their kids from taking them off! Who knows...maybe this is in my future! Ha! Thank you for following my blog! xoxo

Ashley L.

Princess Kinley said...

glad its working!!! we just gave kinley a pillow last week! she loves it too :)

Ape said...

i wish audree would lay in her bed all night!! UGH we have been battling her waking up in the middle of the nght for months!!!

The Pifer's said...

(I can't find your email for some reason--I think it's saved to my work computer...) but yes our pool cola sped...we have been having troubles with it all summer--the top ring wouldn't stay aired up for anything--well I guess it deflated in a very short period of time and then all of the water ran out :(

Thanks for the recipe sweetie :)