Friday, July 31, 2009

Girls' Night!

Last night Rylie & I had a girls night together! After our walk outside I bathed her early & we both got in jammies.

"I'm ready to party!"

Then we made dinner-breakfast! We had pancakes, eggs, & sausage!

Rylie always puts her hands together at dinner & bedtime for prayer!

"Now lets eat!"

Then we cleaned up all that & played around for awhile. We had so much fun!

HAHA Rylie picked us both out bows to wear!

She loves Casper! I've had this doll since before I was ONE!
Rylie's obsessed with her!

Airplane ride! My brother used to do this with me & my sister when we were little!

Somebody's getting sleepy! We calmed down & watched Gilmore Girls off the DVR before bed. (That's our show by the way! hehe)

She was going to sleep with Mommy last night since David's been in Oklahoma City & getting home tonight but neither of us sleep well when she's in our room. She loves her bed so much so I took her to her room. We had such a good time though!

Lots of Outdoor Fun!

Yesterday Rylie & I spent a lot of time outside!
First we went to the playground in the morning!

She actually didnt want to swing today, which was a first. But she still had fun before it got hot!

Then after her nap we walked around our street for a little bit.

She's so smart she knows which house belongs to which of her friends!

"Where does Masen & Malek live?"

"Where does Jaiden live?"

"Where does Raegan live?"
And she got them all right!

A little video

My aunt Tressa sent this video to me this morning & it's so awesome!

CNNBC video

Shared via AddThis

I had to bust out laughing at the end about the pony tail. I totally had my hair in one this morning while I was watching this before my shower! haha
Click on the link to make your own! Altho I wish it was "person" of the year instead of mom so it wasnt limited to certain people to send it to.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oops! Here's Tue Kindermusik!

I started putting together this post on Tue, when she had her class & then had to leave & forgot to come back to it! So here's Rylie's Kindermusik class from this week.....she learned about zebras & giraffes (they're on a "zoo" theme right now!)
She's got her zebra & had fun "giddy-ing up" around the room!

Got her listening spot to hear what a real zebra sounds like!

Baby girl at quiet time. She was sleepy today!

Kendall was so sweet & brought Rylie a zebra toy!

Rylie ready to go after class finished!
"Um Rylie I think you've got the wrong shoes on sweetie!"

PS I love how many people follow our blog so closely that they've mentioned waiting on Kindermusik post! Thanks because I probably would've never remembered to come back & post this! haha

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gymnastics Graduate!

Today was Rylie's last gymnastics class! We still havent decided whether she'll do the Fall session or wait until Spring. But today she wore a new fancy leotard Mommy bought her awhile back. It's still a bit big so I had to clip it in the back. hehe

Look how prissy she's standing, waiting on class to start! haha
Just talking to her girlfriend!

Last time on her favorite (pink) beam!

And she felt brave & stepped on the "big" beam....

And did a little trick! She's got both hands & both feet on there!

She just likes carrying these bouncy balls around & throwing them on the floor!

She did a flip on her own!

She jumped so much on the trampoline today! She got more height too than she has ever done before!
Here's some trampoline videos too....

Notice her wave while she was doing an almost flip?

And today she tried climbing the rope wall for the first time!

Then after stickers today all the kids got medals!
Here's Rylie's video getting hers

lol She didnt want to wear it!

She played with it for a little while & kept putting it on in weird ways, cracking everybody up!

Then finally as we were about to leave, she put it on right & did her arms up like a winner!

I'm so proud of this girl!

Meet Cailan

Isnt she precious?! This is our good friends Sean & Marissa's new baby girl! She was born the day after Maggie. We took them some dinner last night & got to meet this sweet little girl!

Rylie cant wait for her to grow up & swim with her next Summer!

Congratulations guys, she's beautiful!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet Maggie

Little Maggie Elizabeth is finally here!
We stopped over to visit with our neighbors last night, bring them dinner, & meet this new princess!

Big Brother Jaiden in his new shirt we got him!

David & Maggie

Rylie meeting Maggie

Rylie kept saying "Baby" when we first got there & then wanted nothing to do with her! lol

Me & Maggie

The dads-typical! lol
Rylie liked Jaidens red chair too!

Congrats Laurie & Chad-Maggie's so beautiful & Jaiden is gonna be a great big brother!

Lubbock Weekend

This past Friday thru Sunday David, Rylie & I flew to Lubbock with Dave's mom to visit her family! This was Rylie's first trip on an airplane & she did very well!

"Yay we're going to Lubbock!"

I wish I'd never shown her those shades can go down! haha That's all she wanted to do was pull it down...and back up...and back down...

She got a little upset when we were landing in Lubbock & this lollipop made it all better!

In the rental car ready to go!

She loved her great Papa & Granny's puppy named Tiny!
She was pointing & saying "eye"

We arrived late afternoon on Friday & visited until bedtime.
On Saturday morning we had breakfast on the back patio in the cool weather!

Rylie drinking her morning milk on the swing

David & his Papa

Later, while Rylie was napping, David & I took that opportunity to run into town.
That's where I fell & busted my butt in Target! haha
There was a lot of water on the floor & no sign & I slipped & fell hard.
Here's my hurt knee...

(And FYI, Target called me on Mon to see how my knee was doing!)

When we got back we met Dave's mom's friend she grew up with, Paula
And then we hung outside some more!

See the pretty flowers behind Rylie that she "planted" that morning

Later Saturday evening, Dave's aunt Lana & cousin Amy & her boy Colby stopped by for dinner. Here's a group shot of the whole family!

L-R: Colby, Amy, Lana, Granny (Helen), Papa (Horace), Vicki, Rylie, David, Ashlee (me)

And Rylie getting ready for bed...

On Sunday we flew back home after lunch

Here's a 4 generation photo-Rylie, her daddy David, his mommy Vicky, & her daddy Horace!

Rylie ready to get on the airplane with her bag!

Thanks for having us over! It was a fun weekend overall. Till next time..