Wednesday, June 24, 2009


20 Things About Rylie

At 20 Months Old!
(She turned 20 months old last Friday, 6.19.09)
  1. She is talking a lot more now. She calls me "Ash" and can say pretty much anything we say back to her. She likes repeating, but she's still a very quiet girl. She doesnt just come out & say what things are unless we say it first.
  2. She loves putting her sippy back in the fridge by herself & closing the door!
  3. She knows that trash on the floor goes in the trash can & will put it there without asking.
  4. She hates wearing a diaper & will take it off as soon as she's pottied in it & fights us now at changing time.
  5. She knows what her potty chair is & will sit on it for quite awhile when we ask her to, but still has yet to go in it.
  6. She cannot stand to have anything on her hands. Even if it's a tiny speck of dirt, she comes running to me holding her hand out like it's "tainted" or something.
  7. She can now point to her eyes, ears, mouth, nose, chin, head/hair, shoulder, arm, knee, foot, toes, & belly/belly button.
  8. She's still a very picky eater & really hasnt been wanting to eat too much lately. She still mainly eats just grilled chicken, meatballs, cheese, deli turkey, crackers (Gripz cheez-its & Parmesan Goldfish are her favs), yogurt, applesauce, & sometimes mashed potatoes. She also still loves anything chocolate & ice cream!
  9. She says "Meow" when we ask her what Kitty says.
  10. She loves going outside & just running up & down our sidewalk or sliding on her slide. She hates being inside all the time! Pretty hard right now with it being 100ยบ now & humidity like crazy!
  11. She eats & "colors" with her right hand. We think she'll be right handed.
  12. She does a very high-pitched shriek (and has for awhile now) & we've tried everything to get her to stop! I'm very sorry if yall have to endure it at anytime! We are really trying!
  13. She knows what pretty much everything is called & will bring us things on request, like if she takes her shoes off & we ask her to go get them & put them on, she'll go back to where she left them, sit down, & put them on.
  14. She loves trying to dress herself! I cant get her to leave the laundry alone when I'm trying to fold/hang stuff!
  15. She throws a tantrum if Mommy or Daddy say "No" to something she really, really wants to do/get into & then we have to go pick her up or take it away-she just throws herself on the ground & kinda moans in annoyance. We ignore it & she quickly gets up & moves on. In public though, she seems to do her high-pitched scream.
  16. She loves any shoes! If Mommy's or Daddy's are laying around, she picks them both up & brings them to us & tries to put them on our feet & if we dont put them on, she'll then put them on her feet & walk around in them!
  17. She cant stand to leave doors open. She always closes a door behind her when entering/leaving a room & our backyard gate too.
  18. We've taken off the gates on our stairs as she's mastered them & is good about not going up/down them without Mommy or Daddy.
  19. She's attached to 2 "loveys" now that I bought her before she was born. She's never shown interest in them before but now she loves to snuggle with them. She balls them into a pillow when she's sleepy.
  20. She's the best little girl with the cutest smile & laugh. We just love having her as our daughter & she loves her Mommy & Daddy so much!
She'll be 2 in just 4 months & yes, I've already got her party planned! =)

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