Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sunday family trip to the mall

Today our little family decided to head out to the Woodlands mall! It's about 45 minutes away. Rylie & I were outside early (before the heat came!) pulling weeds & David worked at the church. So once we got cleaned up & he got home, we headed out! We didnt hardly buy anything but it was fun just taking a day to walk around & look at things & no housework (because it's already clean!!!).

Mommy & Rylie ready to go-waiting on David to get home

We took Rylie in the pet store at the mall & she loved looking at all the animals! Her & David are ganging up on me, trying to get me to allow them getting a puppy. After seeing those cute ones at the store, it's getting hard to say no!

Carousel ride with Daddy! The last time Rylie rode on this she loved it, but refused to sit on the animal today! lol

Daddy bought her a little toy cell phone from the Disney store for $5. She loves this thing!! She did not let it go the rest of the day!

Walking with Mommy....cell phone in right hand

Eating some of Mommy's ice cream....cell phone in hand

On the drive back tired...about to fall asleep...sucking on her thumb....and cell phone in hand! lol Was this not the most perfect toy to get her or what?!

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The Pifer's said...

haha, I love the pic of her talking on her cell phone!!! And her piggy tails are SO cute!