Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sean & Marissa's Baby Shower!

On Saturday, we attended our good friends' Sean & Marissa's baby shower! It was a couple's shower at their house with swimming & good food! Very casual & very fun!

Rylie was ready to party!

And she immediately wanted to go swimming! She was taking her shoes off right away!
So Mommy finally got in the pool with her. We tried out a swim vest we bought awhile back. Her swim instructor recommended we get one back in March to help her get comfortable with floating in the water. It was pretty nice, but of course she cant float all the way by herself with it!

Rylie & mister Sean blowing bubbles. He's the daddy-to-be!

Swimming group!

The mommy-to-be Marissa & 1 of her gift sets we got for her!

Here's another 1 of the gifts we got her too. I made baby Cailan a bow holder to match her room!
Cant wait to meet Cailan now-due at the end of July!

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