Thursday, June 25, 2009

Saturday Visit To Waco

On Saturday David, Rylie, & I drove up to Waco for a quick visit! We met up with Casey's parents first for lunch. It was so great seeing them again! I sure miss seeing them all the time like I used to!
After lunch we took Rylie to a park where we met up with my Mom, sister, & Rylie's cousin Isaac!
The kiddos played for a little bit, but it was quite hot out so we didnt stay too long.

Isaac (3 1/2 yrs old) & Rylie (1 1/2 yrs old)
They're growing so fast!

Then we hit up some local Waco stores for some shopping, but not before getting a little snack...

Bush's Chicken! The best stuff ever! I miss it so bad! We had 1 right down the street from where we lived in Waco & also one right down the street from where I worked so I was always eating there! If you dont live in Waco, then you dont understand! I've never met a person who lived in Waco who didnt love Bush's Chicken! =)
Then of course we hit up Uncle Dan's BBQ again for dinner before heading home!
I sure love these day trips to Waco but I wish the days lasted longer!
See ya again in August!
Oh! And a Special K diet report. I lost a total of 4 lbs. I did the diet Mon-Fri, then went off it for the baby shower (good food, hello?) & then did it again this past Mon-Fri & ran out of food then. So Saturday in Waco I ate what I wanted & surely gained the 4 lbs back! haha

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Princess Kinley said...

mmmm mmmmm mmmmm bushs!!!!!!!! i think i want to go get me some sweet tea...!