Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Night at the Fitz's

We were invited to hangout at our friends Sean & Marissa's house tonight for some grilled burgers! They're like family! We love that they've moved to a subdivision right by us & we already seem to spend a lot of time over there!

Rylie loves Sean & Marissa's 2 mo old niece, Dylan! I'd ask her "where's the baby" & she'd walk over to Dylan & point & say "Baby." So sweet!

David helped Sean get his new patio furniture set up (it's the same set we got a few months ago too!) and Rylie decided to "help" as well

"This chair's good to go, Daddy!"

Daddy & Rylie having fun testing the chairs out!

Mommy & the Rylieroo

David & Sean hanging at the hot tub

This girl is so funny! She saw Mommy talking to Daddy who was sitting with his feet in the hot tub & she ran over to me, sat down & threw off her sandals so fast & scooted to the pool & stuck her feet in as well! She wanted to swim to bad but not tonight! Maybe tomorrow?

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