Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rylie's 3rd Gymnastics Class

Rylie did great yesterday in Gymnastics class! She's really shown improvement & an increase in confidence! She used to be so skiddish when it came to climbing on new things, but she did awesome yesterday on everything!

Warmup stretches. She can put her head all the way to the ground!

She can climb all the way up this slide by herself now!

We worked on the floor beam today instead of the raised one. She loves this one! She walked all the way across it! Her teacher was very impressed.

Look at my girl go! She's definitely got the body for gymnastics if she chooses to continue down this path as she gets older!

"Sticker please!"
lol She's now obsessed with stickers! She held her foot out when it was her turn!

Yay sticker!

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Kelly said...

I just had to tell you that Rylie probably has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen!