Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rylie's 1st Gymnastics Class!

Our lil gymnast ready for her 1st class!

Today Rylie started a 9 week Summer Gymnastics class! I've been so excited to take her there! The classes age group is 18mos-3 yrs & Rylie was definitely the youngest one in there! But those bigger kids were already doing some neat tricks so I'm excited to see Rylie get to where they're at!
At the beginning of class Rylie was very hesitant & didnt know what was going on. We got in a circle & did warmups (stretches) & the second I sat down on the mat---AHHHHHHHHHH! Rylie screamed bloody murder! lol She clung to my arm so tight & I wondered if this would even be fun for her. After a few minutes though, she warmed up to everybody & was smiling at her teachers & jumping on the equipment herself!
First she did an obstacle course thing with a ladder & slide, then you jump through hoola hoops, then crawl through a tunnel, then hang (or flip) on some bars (uneven bars), then jump off some springs onto a mat (kinda like the vault), then walk across the balance beam, then do a tumble on a mat that's angled down so it's easier on them. Rylie did great on the beam part & even stepped up on it all by herself, but she needed Mommy to hold her hands to help her walk across it.

Stepping up on the beam

And she loved doing the tumbling on the mat.
Then the kids got to jump across a trampoline! Rylie had never been on one before & loved it! Except she didnt jump, she just ran across it. lol

BUT she did finally learn how to jump as she'd never been able to do it before & today she watched the teachers & then just started jumping on her own! Yay Rylie!
When class was over (it's 45 min long), the teachers gave out stickers! I didnt know they were going to do that & it just made my day because lemme tell ya-when I was really little (a little older than Rylie) I took Gymnastics in Dover, Delaware & I still remember it today. I remember flipping over the bars & I remember mostly at the end of each class getting stickers & it was just the greatest thing in the world! Now I'm watching my little girl get stickers at her Gymnastics class! It was pretty surreal! I just love being a Mommy and I couldnt ask for a better daughter than Rylie!


Princess Kinley said...

i just love how prissy she is when she runs! hehehe

Becca - said...

I'm so glad she enjoyed her first class. I can't wait to see pics of the next class.