Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Netflix Commercial" Moment

Have yall seen those Netflix commercials where people are racing to get to the video stores in time "take the drama out of renting".....well, here's a good one if you havent seen it..

Tonight our rental movie was due back at Hollywood Video (Paul Blart:Mall Cop, by the way) and we still hadnt seen it yet. So I put it on this evening while ironing & folding clothes. I ended up having to stop it 5 minutes before the ending to head out & get it returned in time for no late fee. So I head out at 10:45pm & the movie store's just 10 min away & closes at 11pm so I've got plenty of time. I was just going to drop it off in the drop box there, but I arrived & there was no drop box anymore. So I had to get out of my car to return the movie at the door & did I mention I'm already in my pj's?? Anyways, that's when I realized their sign stating "new hours" & the video store 10pm. =( So much for no late fee, which I hate getting by the way!

So my question for you all is-do you rent movies & if so what venue has worked best for you? See we dont even go to movie theaters anymore really. We've seen 2 movies in the last....3 years? And they were both actually within the past 6 months ("Bride Wars" on my birthday in Jan & "17 Again" while on vacation in FL). We just think it's ridiculous to pay $10 per person just to see a movie once & then have to pay $30 for popcorn & soda & then you gotta miss some of the movie to go pee because you had to upgrade your drink because "it's only 50 cents more", etc. SO we've just stuck with renting but then you get slammed with late fees.....maybe we should switch to Netflix, but we only rent like 1 movie a month. Is it worth it? Anyone used them before & what's your input on that?

Also, note to self "get some new pj's that dont look so raggedy in case you're caught in public in them!" haha


Courtney said...

We have been using NetFlix for a little while and LOVE it. There are several different plans to choose from. I think right now you can also get a month's free trial.

I wasn't sold on the idea of it, but we did the trial and its just so nice to be able to have movies sent to you.

Plus there is a distribution center in Houston, so the turnaround time is great here.

Becca - said...

We used netflix before. We usually received our movie in a day or so. But, the turnaround time started turning into weeks. So, we switched to blockbuster. Our plan allows for us to return our movies to blockbuster and exchange them there. (Your allowed to do a few exchanges each month that way.) But, we usually just get them in the mail. We typically watch movies on the nights that there isn't anything on t.v. or on the weekends. It's great. Just get online and pick out your movies and they mail them to you.

Princess Kinley said...

Netflix IS great, when you use it! We have gone from using it alot and getting our moneys worth (which is only like $10 a month for our plan) to just cancelling it 3 days ago bc we never get to watch the movies we request. so if yall really do watch the movies then yea i think its worth it! we also have HBO movies on demand that we can use - some for free and some are $3.99..

GRANDMA said...

so you need new pj's for Christmas!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Yes I would actually! Sz S/M & my fav are the lightweight, silky-ish type! Target has some I've been tryin to get lately but they're always outta my sz!