Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mail Time!

Rylie loves checking the mail with Mommy after her nap (if I didnt grab it on our way out to run errands, that is). Today she had some letters of her own to mail out too!

"I've got my letters, Mommy!"

"Ok lemme just count & make sure they're all here."

"Now where's the mailbox?"

"Alright I put them in there. Now I gotta put this red flag thingy up"

"Yay for mail!"


The Pifer's said...

Hey sweetie, I love your new design!!! super adorable!!!!! Also-Rylie is to cute, I love the last picture of her!!!

Heather said...

Your little girl is so cute!!! Love those sunglasses!!

Princess Kinley said...

we got our letter!!! how cool, i get to see her mailing it & then what do ya know! thanks :) ill get on that!