Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ice Cream Sunday

Rylie was such a good helper with yardwork this morning, so David & I treated her to some ice cream this afternoon at Culver's! Lemme tell you-this girl loves her ice cream! Her favorite is chocolate-like a true girly girl! hehe

"My dearest chocolate ice cream-you will be my friend for many years to come!"

After all that excitement today, this girl couldn't wait to get into her bed!

I love the hand under her head! Oh what a day!
(This was just a late nap. She's not sleeping in her clothes overnight!)

And take a look at the new diet Mommy's starting tomorrow!
Now lemme go into a bit of detail here. A lot of people think the Special K diet is just eating cereal for breakfast & lunch for 2 weeks straight & losing 7 lbs. That's not true. They have several different options now for meals & you get 2 snacks & you can eat all the fruits & veggies you want as well & drink your beverages regularly plus eat whatever you want for dinner (or substitute that free meal for breakfast or lunch). Then you lose up to 7 lbs in 2 weeks. I've done this diet twice before & it proved to be successful. I currently have 7 lbs that have been hanging on since December that I just cant shake, so here's hoping these next 2 weeks will do it! I'll keep ya posted!


The Pifer's said...

I've really thought about doing the special K diet before, just never got around to it...those pics of Rylie are so cute!

I have been following April Rose blog for awhile, I've talk to "B" a couple times and she sounds like so strong! I was so nervous to log on this morning and read the "news"...however I was extremly excited to see that at 6am she is still alive. It breaks my heart!

Princess Kinley said...

I like the special k diet. ive been slacking on it tho but i lost 4 lbs the first 2 weeks on it. but last week i didnt do it- just calorie counted & didnt lose any. all the stuff is yummy too!