Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, David!

My sweet husband turned 29 yesterday! He still had to work though & wait until afterwards to open his cards & presents!
Rylie & I drove over to meet David's mom at her office so Rylie could show me her fan club up there & what all she did there while David & I were on vacation last month. Then us 3 girls went out to lunch. We took Rylie back to her Mimi's house hoping she would nap, but she was too wound up!
When David got off work he met us over there & opened his cards & gifts from everyone.
Rylie's card was a recordable one with the song "The Way You Do The Things You Do" & I recorded her giggle! He loved it!
Opening his present from Rylie & I
It was a whole cologne gift set since his cologne bottle broke on our vacation. He was so excited to get some more he put it on right away!
Then I took him out to dinner & we then met up with some friends while Rylieroo stayed the night at her Mimi's.
Our group!
I called Dave's friend Kelly & we surprised David with a cake! It was his favorite-yellow cake, chocolate icing! hehe
Next year's the big 3-0! Enjoy your last year in your 20's David! hehe

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Princess Kinley said...

CUTE cake! I love that with the ribbon on it!!