Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Visit with Mimi & Janie

Today Rylie & I ventured out a ways to visit Rylie's Mimi's best friend Janie! She's been a long fan of our blog & we had just not ever been able to coordinate meeting, so today we finally did!

There's me driving....err stopped at a red light

There's L-R: Mimi, Rylie, Janie

We had lots of fun looking at pictures & telling stories! Then we grabbed a bite to eat before Rylieroo & I headed home. You can tell for sure Rylie had a great time! Here she is 5 minutes after leaving Janie's house!

Yep, partied out!

I hope we get to meet up again for another girls afternoon soon! Thanks for having us over today, Janie!

Have a good weekend everybody!


Ashley said...

FUN STUFF!! How do you do the signature at the bottom?

The Pifer's said...

HAHA--she is so cute! I love the last picture of her conked out :)

Sarah Milam said...

I just wanted to stop by and say we too have a daughter named Rylee spelt a bit different but beautiful none the less. She's a cutie!