Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Diaper Dilemma

We have a diaper problem with Rylie at the moment! She refuses to wear one! I started making her sleep in her jeans because if not she would take her diaper off at naptime but then I bought big-girl panties to put on her so she'd sleep more comfortably. Well, look what she did last Thursday!

She's taken off her panties, put them across her chest, & taken her diaper off. And yes, she's pointing to her dirty diaper in her crib there.

What are we gonna do with this booger Rylie?!!!! lol


The Pifer's said...

OH my that has to be one of the cutest and funniest things I've ever seen!!!!! I guess it's time for potty training haha...she is to stinkin' cute!

Princess Kinley said...

lol!!! oh my!! if we put kinley in a night gown, we have to put sleep shorts on too or she will take her diaper off! it must be a stage right before potty training? i love the panties tho- class clown ;-)

Sarah said...

My daughter did this too for awhile...I know some moms have started putting long sleepers or even onsies back on them so they cant get to their diaper...I just did a LOT more laundry and waited it out. She grew out of it!
Good luck!

Sugar's Mommy said...

I love that last picture. It cracks me up.