Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daddy's Love

"Daddy's dont just love their children every now & then. It's a love without end, baby." -George Straight

Happy Father's Day 2009!

"You're the best Daddy!" -Rylie

We spent Father's Day on Sunday at our house. David's dad & stepmom came over. We grilled BBQ chicken & corn on the cob! Poor David though had to do all the work because Rylie & I both woke up with bad allergies! I'll make it up to David though on another weekend when I'm feeling better! I did take lots of pictures though!

Miss priss waiting on our guests to arrive.
(Daddy dressed her today!)

David's Dad, David, & Rylie

Rylie saw Daddy mowing early that morning & then played with her mower all afternoon!

Peeking out her peephole to make sure the boys were BBQing the right way!

Opening presents. Rylie thought Daddy needed help apparently!

They loved their gifts! Rylie got Daddy a "#1 Dad" picture frame for his office & 2 new polo shirts in colors he'd been wanting. We got Dave's Dad a "History of Flight" book that he loves since he's been a pilot for a few years now!

"David, there really wasnt any gift in the world that could possibly show you how much Rylie loves you! I see it in her eyes everyday! As soon as she hears that door open every evening, her face lights up like nothing else in the world & she gets so excited! She loves her Mommy, but she is a Daddy's girl! Seeing you be the most amazing Daddy to her makes me love you even more every day! Thank you Rylie for making my husband a Daddy! Thank you for coming into our lives & filling it with the most happiness! I love you both so much!" Love, Mommy

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