Monday, June 29, 2009

Could It Be?!

Why yes! I do believe that's rain!! We finally got some rain tonight after needing it for over a month! It was a nice cooldown to the 100+ degree weather we've had this past week! I didnt realize how I missed the smell of rain or the sound of thunder! Here's to hoping we get more soon!

And of course tonight of all nights we stocked up on ice cream! lol We've been eating lots of ice cream lately to make the heat more durable! hehe These mini Ben & Jerry's are only $1 at Target! Stay cool everyone!


The Pifer's said...

I am SO glad we got some rain! It's been pouring down all morning--plus what we got yesterday too! My flowers are soooo happy :) ha!!

Ashley said...

I am totally loving the rain!! That icecream looks delicious. I love Ben & Jerry's!

Ape said...

Brett loves Ben & Jerry's half baked ice cream!! And well I love ANY ice cream hahaha Im glad it rained too!! It was nice to have 80 degree weather for a day