Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Scam Apology

The "April Rose" blog scammer has posted an apology to everyone this morning. Here's the link if anybody is interested in it. I, for one, was looking forward to hearing her side & am glad she addressed the issue herself.
I know most of you just come to our family blog to see cute pictures of Rylie & what our family did today & yesterday & so forth, but I do mention this other blog because it was one we became very attached too and it's hard to not get involved in the "blog community" really. It almost does seem like everybody on Blogger knows & follows the same people (like "April Rose", McMamma, and Kellys Korner for example) and they become a part of our blog as well. So that's why I've been discussing it on here. But dont worry, we wont be steering away from family business anytime soon!


Ape said...

No problem! I got so wrapped up in that blog and I felt horrible for them! I said many prayers for her. She truly needs prayers now.

The Pifer's said...

I am still so in shock over everything-I am glad that she addressed the whole thing, I still just do not understand why she did what she did. Her post were always so beautiful and so inspiring---then you find out it was all fake. Like you, I became very wrapped up in her life, she would be one I would hurry on and see whats going on new...always prayed for her and even talked to her on a daily basis through email...she would pray for Zach and I and often ask how we were, I built what I thought was a good friendship with somone who was so kind...I was very upset when I heard about things...still shocked-but glad she knows that what she did was wrong! I will be keeping her in my prayers as I truly believe she needs it right now.