Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to square one

So apparently last night Rylie figured out how to take off her onesie and then remove her diaper! So again were now back at square one trying to figure out how to get her to keep one on throughout the night! This girl's like the houdini of babies I swear!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Could It Be?!

Why yes! I do believe that's rain!! We finally got some rain tonight after needing it for over a month! It was a nice cooldown to the 100+ degree weather we've had this past week! I didnt realize how I missed the smell of rain or the sound of thunder! Here's to hoping we get more soon!

And of course tonight of all nights we stocked up on ice cream! lol We've been eating lots of ice cream lately to make the heat more durable! hehe These mini Ben & Jerry's are only $1 at Target! Stay cool everyone!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bunny Towel

Tonight Rylie finally got to use her hooded, bunny towel that she got for her 1st Christmas over a year & a half ago from Mimi's friend Janie! It's a toddler towel so it took some growing into but I'm so excited to use it now because it's so precious! More of these will definitely be on her birthday wish list!

A Sunday family trip to the mall

Today our little family decided to head out to the Woodlands mall! It's about 45 minutes away. Rylie & I were outside early (before the heat came!) pulling weeds & David worked at the church. So once we got cleaned up & he got home, we headed out! We didnt hardly buy anything but it was fun just taking a day to walk around & look at things & no housework (because it's already clean!!!).

Mommy & Rylie ready to go-waiting on David to get home

We took Rylie in the pet store at the mall & she loved looking at all the animals! Her & David are ganging up on me, trying to get me to allow them getting a puppy. After seeing those cute ones at the store, it's getting hard to say no!

Carousel ride with Daddy! The last time Rylie rode on this she loved it, but refused to sit on the animal today! lol

Daddy bought her a little toy cell phone from the Disney store for $5. She loves this thing!! She did not let it go the rest of the day!

Walking with Mommy....cell phone in right hand

Eating some of Mommy's ice cream....cell phone in hand

On the drive back home....so tired...about to fall asleep...sucking on her thumb....and cell phone in hand! lol Was this not the most perfect toy to get her or what?!

Well...she tried!

Rylie found 2 swim diapers in the bag today leftover from the baby shower yesterday & tried to put them on!

She's got 1 on each leg!

My silly girl!

Sean & Marissa's Baby Shower!

On Saturday, we attended our good friends' Sean & Marissa's baby shower! It was a couple's shower at their house with swimming & good food! Very casual & very fun!

Rylie was ready to party!

And she immediately wanted to go swimming! She was taking her shoes off right away!
So Mommy finally got in the pool with her. We tried out a swim vest we bought awhile back. Her swim instructor recommended we get one back in March to help her get comfortable with floating in the water. It was pretty nice, but of course she cant float all the way by herself with it!

Rylie & mister Sean blowing bubbles. He's the daddy-to-be!

Swimming group!

The mommy-to-be Marissa & 1 of her gift sets we got for her!

Here's another 1 of the gifts we got her too. I made baby Cailan a bow holder to match her room!
Cant wait to meet Cailan now-due at the end of July!

Extended Wardrobe

Here's a picture of Rylie wearing this dress from Old Navy last November.

And it was a little baggy on her then (we actually bought it for her to wear last Summer & it was always still too big, so she finally got to wear it once in November before it got cold.)

Well....it still fits her now! haha

And now the matching shoes finally fit too!!

I'm so glad were getting more use out of this dress! We cant ever be blamed for wasting clothes on our girl! lol

She loves the dress too!

And Mommy's makeup. hehe I love how girly she is!

It's a hot one

On Friday I took Rylie swimming at our community pool again. We've now had to start going at 10 am to beat the heat! Can you believe it's been over 100ยบ these days?! Rylie enjoyed cooling off for an hour in the pool.
"Mommy, I wanna go on the big slide!"
And we did.....three times! I was worried she'd get scared on it since it's dark & spins around, but she loved it & wanted to go over & over....Mommy got dizzy lol.

Taking a break, sitting on the side.

"Mommy I think I'm ready to go now."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Guess who can open the childproof locks?

"Um someone made a mess, Mommy!"

A little girl & her lovey...

Dilemma Solution!

Rylie will now be napping & sleeping in a onesie because she cannot take it off & get to her diaper! It's been a nice relief the past 2 nights not having to change her bedding in the morning! Thanks blogger friend Sarah for the suggestion!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rylie's 3rd Gymnastics Class

Rylie did great yesterday in Gymnastics class! She's really shown improvement & an increase in confidence! She used to be so skiddish when it came to climbing on new things, but she did awesome yesterday on everything!

Warmup stretches. She can put her head all the way to the ground!

She can climb all the way up this slide by herself now!

We worked on the floor beam today instead of the raised one. She loves this one! She walked all the way across it! Her teacher was very impressed.

Look at my girl go! She's definitely got the body for gymnastics if she chooses to continue down this path as she gets older!

"Sticker please!"
lol She's now obsessed with stickers! She held her foot out when it was her turn!

Yay sticker!

The next step

Well we finally got Rylie some pullups! After the diaper dilemma we've been having lately, we figured it'd be harder for her to take off a pullup! Tuesday we tried it out & she did great but we learned Tuesday night these arent good for Rylie to sleep in as they dont hold as much as her regular diapers do. So were really back to square one on the whole "diaper dilemma during sleep time" thing. =/ Any kind words of wisdom fellow Mommies?

Daddy's Love

"Daddy's dont just love their children every now & then. It's a love without end, baby." -George Straight

Happy Father's Day 2009!

"You're the best Daddy!" -Rylie

We spent Father's Day on Sunday at our house. David's dad & stepmom came over. We grilled BBQ chicken & corn on the cob! Poor David though had to do all the work because Rylie & I both woke up with bad allergies! I'll make it up to David though on another weekend when I'm feeling better! I did take lots of pictures though!

Miss priss waiting on our guests to arrive.
(Daddy dressed her today!)

David's Dad, David, & Rylie

Rylie saw Daddy mowing early that morning & then played with her mower all afternoon!

Peeking out her peephole to make sure the boys were BBQing the right way!

Opening presents. Rylie thought Daddy needed help apparently!

They loved their gifts! Rylie got Daddy a "#1 Dad" picture frame for his office & 2 new polo shirts in colors he'd been wanting. We got Dave's Dad a "History of Flight" book that he loves since he's been a pilot for a few years now!

"David, there really wasnt any gift in the world that could possibly show you how much Rylie loves you! I see it in her eyes everyday! As soon as she hears that door open every evening, her face lights up like nothing else in the world & she gets so excited! She loves her Mommy, but she is a Daddy's girl! Seeing you be the most amazing Daddy to her makes me love you even more every day! Thank you Rylie for making my husband a Daddy! Thank you for coming into our lives & filling it with the most happiness! I love you both so much!" Love, Mommy