Thursday, May 21, 2009

Phone Jibber Jabber

Sorry I didnt upload this last night as promised! I took my lovely family out for ice cream after dinner & then Momma was tired & went down early!

Yesterday Rylie grabbed Mommy's cell phone & kept walking around the house "talking" on it! It's funny how when there really is someone on the phone to talk to she runs away, but other times she'll just jibber jabber on & on!

PS I added more updates to the post below! Forgot a few things to mention!


Shelly said...

haha shes so prissy , i love it!

Sugar's Mommy said...

Ice cream sounds great right about now. Ha. That's cute with the phone. Sara Madalin already has an obsession with the phone. If she's near one or if one of our cellphones rings, she reaches for it and says, "Hey." Or at least her version of Hey.

Loved all the honeymoon/vacation photos. Looked like you had a great time.