Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Florida Vacation!

I'm going to put everything from our vacation in one post that way you all get to read about it in the order that it happened & so it's all in just a one-stop place to look back at it all later on! So get ready for LOTS of pictures! I'll try to keep the text to a minimum & I'm only posting our best photos-there's like 200 total! Enjoy!

Monday (5.11.09)
2 Tickets 2 Paradise

Monday morning, David & I flew out of Houston to Florida. We had a quick, smooth flight! We picked up our rental car & drove straight to our resort outside Orlando(about 30 min away). It is more beautiful than the pictures! We immediately got in our swimsuits & headed down to the pool! There's a little poolside bar that we grabbed appetizers & drinks at first. Then we got in & swam! David went down the water slide too. We also floated down the lazy river there. When we got done with swimming, we dressed for dinner & headed into town to get a few things we needed. We came back to the resort for dinner & there was a beautiful sunset! We ate at the Mediterranean restaurant at the resort-yum! Then we called it a night.

Tuesday (5.12.09)
2nd Honeymoon for 2nd Anniversary

Tuesday morning we ordered breakfast room service & enjoyed it on our balcony. (Our fun rental car! hehe)

Then we drove an hour & half to the Tampa area to a beautiful beach in Clearwater! We ate lunch on the beach, bought some souvenirs, & headed down to the water. We lounged in chairs under umbrellas on the sand & then floated on the waves for awhile. On our drive back to the resort, it stormed so bad! There was really bad lightning & the rain was very heavy. We could hardly see the car in front of us' brake lights & several people were pulled over under bridges waiting it out. We kept on though & saw 2 grass fires caused by lightning strikes. Pretty scary. Anyways, then we dressed up for our anniversary dinner. We went to Morton's Steakhouse. There's actually one here in Houston but it was hard to tell online whether certain other restaurants were really as nice as they proclaimed so we stuck with the familiar. The dinner was awesome though! They completely catered to us. They had confetti only sprinkled all over our table, our menu was printed especially for us with "Happy 2nd Anniversary" on it, they gave us a free picture of us in a cute frame & a free dessert! Perfect way to end the day!

Wednesday (5.13.09)
Discovery Cove

Wednesday morning we headed out early to Discovery Cove in Orlando. Our day passes included breakfast so we ate first, then we headed to the lockers & got our swim vests & snorkel gear. Then we headed down the freshwater river (1/4 mile long) & boy was that a workout! Most of it is 8 ft deep so we had to swim it, but it was such a pretty place & cool to see underwater!
(Underwater picture of me snorkeling)
The river ended at a saltwater swim area that actually had lots of pretty fish & stingrays! I was excited all day to go there & then when I finally did get there & stuck my head underwater with my mask on to see the fish, I saw this huge stingray swimming at me real close. I was outta there! lol It wasnt a shallow swimming area either, completely deep so it freaked me out being in water with creatures swimming all around me that I couldnt see but only feel, even though they were all harmless. I'm just a person who's terrified of the ocean-dont judge! David loved it though! There was also a glass wall under the water there where you can see sharks swimming on the other side, but it looks like they're swimming next to you-scary! I didnt stay in that water area long! lol Then David & I ate our lunch which was also included in our day passes-pretty good food too! Then we headed to another saltwater area where you can stand & pet stingrays. It was only waist deep so I liked that place a little better but still there were sooo many stingrays swimming around us & they felt so slimy! I was ready to head out after just a little while in there. Next we got to do our dolphin encounters! We headed to our beach area & stood in waist deep water & got to pet 3 different dolphins & do movements that they responded by doing tricks to & then we each got to swim with a dolphin, give the dolphin a kiss, & get our picture taken with 1. At the end of that they called David & I out & a dolphin swam up to us with a floaty toy that said "Happy 2nd Anniversary". It was really awsome! After that we got some drinks & checked out the bird aviary place. Then David went down the freshwater river one more time while I lounged on the beach area. The place closed at 5:30 so we then showered & got dressed. We went to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets down the street & then saw a movie (something we rarely get to do!) We saw "17 Again"-hilarious movie! What an awesome, yet exhausting day!

Thursday (5.14.09)
Just Another Day in Paradise

We were planning on going to Sea World-Orlando today because we got free passes with our Discovery Cove, but we were exhausted from yesterday's excursions & just decided to pass on that & explore Orlando some more.
Us at breakfast
(Looky! The cabana at the resort! Too bad they cost over $100 to use one!)
We headed downtown first & stopped in a mall. Then we drove around some more & saw a cool upside-down building. It was some tourist place. We ate lunch at Bahama Breeze next to it though. Then we drove around some more, did more shopping, & headed back to eat dinner at the resort. We ate at the Asian place called Zen & it was excellent!

Friday (5.15.09)
Daylight Come & Me Wanna Go Home

Friday morning we woke up early to get packed up. We ordered room service & had breakfast in bed. Once we got all packed up, we checked out, & loaded up the car. Then we sat by the pool one last time before it was time to head to the airport. Once we got there, we turned in our rental car, got checked through security, & ate lunch at the food court area. Then we grabbed a few Florida souveniers & headed to our gate. We had a slightly longer flight back home on a much more crowded airplane but still a smooth flight. We got stuck in rush-hour traffic though heading to Rylie once we landed. It was so good seeing her again!! I couldnt put her down! haha We grabbed dinner with her & Mimi & talked about our trip. Then we gathered Rylie's things & headed back home! It was nice coming home but boy we sure do have the nicest neighbors-they mowed our lawn for us! Are they awesome or what?
Overall though, we had a great time there! We'd definitely go back again! We never had a bad meal & everything was better than we expected! We highly recommend this place!

Are you curious what Rylie was up to all last week? (Besides her cute post on Monday afternoon, of course) She stayed at her Mimi's house & went to work with her.

Monday-at lunch with her coworkers, coloring

Tuesday-With Mimi after her nap at the office

Wednesday-Visiting Mimi's friend's house

Thursday-Ready to head to the office with her Daddy's briefcase in tow!

Friday-playing with her toys at "work"

"Now you guys behave here at work when I'm gone next week!"

We've just spent the whole weekend catching up on doing laundry, getting groceries, cleaning the house, & still made it to church this morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Becca - said...

It looks like ya'll had a great time. Ya'll stayed busy!!!

Awwww, I love snorkeling. But, haven't been in years.........too many sharks in Key West!!

Wonder Works is the name of the upside down building. It's a neat interactive museum type thing for kids. They have one in Gatlinburg, TN too. I've never been there. But, it's really cool to see an entire house with trees & all upside down!!

I love the dolphin pictures.........kissing the dolphins! I'm surprised that they let you take pictures. When we did it, we weren't allowed, and were forced to buy their pricey pics.

I thought it was so cool that they personalized everything for your anniversary. So sweet!!

Glad you had a great time ALONE!!
I'm sure David's Mom LOVED getting to keep Rylie.

Thanks for the quick update. I've been dying to hear all about your trip!