Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nightly Routine

Every night since Rylie was born we've had our same routine! After her bath she gets her teeth brushed & gets her jammies on. Mommy combs her hair & tells her what a pretty girl she is. Then we pick out her clothes for the next day. Rylie-aka miss independent-has started picking out her own clothes now!

Carefully making her selection

She loves clothes-can you tell?!

The final choice!

After that we read her a bedtime story. She sits in her little chair & Mommy or Daddy (depending on the night) sit beside her on the floor. Usually she wont let us finish & just takes the book outta our hands to read it herself

This particular book is from Kendall! She gave it to her on Easter & Rylie loves it!

And after story, we say our night-night prayers & go to sleep!

"Thank you, Rylie for loving your night-night time & not fighting sleep! You've rarely done that in your 19 1/2 mos you've been alive & we really appreciate you being so good about going to bed at night! Sweet dreams princess!"

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Sarah said...

Ah - I wish my daughter loved her bedtime! She usually spends half the night screaming or in our bed!