Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last Tuesday Kindermusik

Today was Rylie's last Tuesday Kindermusik (obviously you saw the title lol) and was supposed to be her last altogether, but she was sick last week so she's going to this Friday's class to make up for that. Have I said enough how much we love Kindermusik?! We're taking a break this summer & then class starts back at the end of July. We're looking into a gymnastics class right now we'll be doing this summer in the meantime.
Anyways, here's some pictures of our sweetheart at class today!

"Here's your toy, Mommy"

She was lining up these toys. Maybe she'll have Mommy's OCD? haha

Putting her toys away. She's been really good about "clean up time" & I owe it a lot to Kindermusik!

Reading a book during quiet time

Getting a hug from Jaiden (aww!)

Smiley stamps after class!

Rylie & her teacher. We love her!

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