Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Summer Kindermusik

On Friday, Rylie visited the older age group's last class again since she wont be able to make it to hers this coming Tuesday. They had a little party on Friday for their last Summer class. Rylie was asked to bring her favorite stuffed animal which of course meant Kitty went to class with her!
Rylie was a little intimidated at first walking in because there were lots more kids than last time & she clung to me in the beginning, but then was comfortable & running around having fun....
She picked the orange spot to sit on..

Enjoyed a hula hoop..

Until two certain "incidents" occured that were really uncalled for & very inappropriate. Me & another mom were about to have some words if she didnt seriously start doing her job. It was just very appalling & Rylie ended up getting hurt. We just obviously need to be more careful with who we surround ourselves with (especially if we were warned from the beginning-enough said).

Her & Kitty on the towel ride with flashlights.
(I swear she's glaring at a certain child thinking "I dont like them. They're mean. lol If only you knew!)

All the kiddos on the parachute singing goodbye!

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