Friday, May 29, 2009

Bouncy! Bouncy!

Here's Rylie's new little bounce house! We decided to get the one with the shade on top & I'm so glad we did! Makes for better Summer fun!

She tried it out today for the first time! She couldnt stop laughing, as you can see from the pictures! We only stayed out 20 minutes or so & then my girl was worn out! Her hair was so sweaty & she came inside & gulped down a lot of ice water! She definitely enjoyed herself though!

After bouncing she wanted to go on her little slide as well!

And look what Mommy taught her!!
She then goes around to the back of the slide....

....and climbs up it properly! Yay Rylie!

"That was fun!"


Becca - said...

Yay! I just posted pics of Kendall in her new bouncy too!! Our girls are totally spoiled!!

We can't wait to come jump at your house too!

Fun, Fun!!

ClintandGina said...

Thank you for the comments on our nursery. Your little Riley is beautiful. I can't wait for mine to get here. We just moved to The Woodlands a week ago. Do you all happen to go to a church in the area? We are visiting Stonebridge tomorrow, but will be on a church hunt for the next month.

Wendy said...

I love your blog. I was just coming over to look at your nursery (which was so cute) but enjoyed many of your posts. Thanks for sharing!