Wednesday, May 20, 2009

19 Month Updates

Yesterday Rylie turned 19 months old & I forgot to mention it on here last night! I'm going to go ahead & post some updates on her though because she's got a lot of new stuff going on just this past month!

*Now feeding herself completely (or very near) with utensils (unless of course it's finger-food items) except for yogurt when were in public because it's so messy!
*Puts her socks & shoes on herself
*Will find a way to "wear" just about anything!
*Tries to jump, but cant yet so she more like tap-dances lol
*Saying so many new words! She's really progressed on vocabulary just the past few weeks.
*Started temper tantrums to the max! She screams bloody murder if we pick her up when she's wanting to run around in a Target! haha
*She is very much into this "independent" stage & wants to do everything by herself with no help!
*She is just overall a "big girl" now a lot more than she was just a month ago ::tear::
*Loves to close doors! If we leave the gate open outside, she points at it & jabbers in a stern voice, then runs over & pushes it shut! lol Or if were leavin the fridge door open while were trying to get something, she quickly runs over & shuts it!
*Loves to turn on/off lights! Quite the energy-saver we have here!
*Loves to go outside so much! She is always pointing to the front/back door & whining to go out.
*Hates having her hands dirty! She whines & holds her hands up for us to wipe them down when she sees something on them.

Stay tuned for more cute pics & video later this evening! Errr....tomorrow really. Momma tired & has bad headache!

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The Pifer's said...

Awwww she is just getting so big, what a cutie! I love the pics from your vacation and love the 2nd anniversary thing, thats so sweet!!!! Hope all is well, sorry I've been MIA, up at the hospital with my mom for almost a week then now I'm taking care of my honey....girlie, I am WORN OUT :)

Love ya,Tiff