Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stylin for Saturday Swim!

This afternoon we took Rylie to our community pool for the first time this year. She looked so cute in her new Gap swimsuit I got her last week! At first she wasnt excited about being there but then she loved it & didnt want to leave!

Standing with Mommy-hesitant to go in (Ignore my pale legs! vacation tan has faded away! haha)

Walking around the kiddie area with Daddy

Playing with some fountains in the kiddie pool

"I'm having fun Mommy & Daddy!"

Our cute lil girl stylin away!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bouncy! Bouncy!

Here's Rylie's new little bounce house! We decided to get the one with the shade on top & I'm so glad we did! Makes for better Summer fun!

She tried it out today for the first time! She couldnt stop laughing, as you can see from the pictures! We only stayed out 20 minutes or so & then my girl was worn out! Her hair was so sweaty & she came inside & gulped down a lot of ice water! She definitely enjoyed herself though!

After bouncing she wanted to go on her little slide as well!

And look what Mommy taught her!!
She then goes around to the back of the slide....

....and climbs up it properly! Yay Rylie!

"That was fun!"

Home Sweet Home

We have now been homeowners for 1 year today! I cant believe it's already been a year since we nervously walked into that real estate office & closed on our home! We still love this house today & look forward to many more years in it! Just for fun, here's pictures of our home in each season of our first year!

Top/Left: Summer 2008 the day we signed papers, Fall 2008 the morning after Hurricane Ike struck, Winter 2008 the morning after a freak snow came, Spring 2009
And here's our house now in Summer 2009! We managed to get the grass green again! haha

"Home is the place to find happiness. If one doesnt find it here, one doesnt find it anywhere"

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rylie's Nursery & Playroom!

Kelly's Korner has been hosting this home tour for a few weeks now & I'm only participating this week because the room of the week is nurseries! For those of you new to my blog though, you can view the other rooms in our house here since we just moved a year ago & nothing else has changed except Rylie's room & playroom. Take a good look now because this summer her room's getting a makeover!

Now here's Rylie's room tour! (Warning-lots of pictures!)

The princess sign on her door. Eventualy I wanna get a customized one with her name on it!

Entering...(not the best shot)

Entering slightly to the right...

Entrance view from her bathroom...

Closeup of her crib. She doesnt usually have bumper on-that's just to show you what it looks like! And there's her fav blanket & lovey, froggy & of course Mr Kitty! (Have you noticed the frog theme yet? hehe I collected frogs in HS so I knew immediately when I got pregnant that should be the theme of the baby's room!)

To the left of her crib is "Casey doll" given to Rylie from my late friend Casey, who was a very dear friend of mine for over 10 years. She passed away last January & we will treasure this "Casey doll" forever! (Coincidentally is has brown hair & blue eyes just like Rylie!)

To the right of her crib is her froggy shaped toy bin & her special chair. Those 2 dolls are her favorite! Also her pretty princess nightlight from her Godmother Erin!

Above the chair is this shelf holding lots of special trinkets & misc things. The pink jeweled crown she wore on her 1st birthday sitting on her 1st birthday picture & handprints mold, & there's her baptism picture, & her little porcelain doll holding a #1 she got for her birthday, etc.

Across from her crib is her changing station. A few circles have fallen off the wall there. She's bout too tall to lay on this now & we dont really use the shelves anymore so we'll be selling it this Summer!

To the left of the changing station is Rylie's bookshelf. The pictures above it are a big printout of her birth announcement & a picture of my dear friend Casey holding Rylie when she was born.

To the right of the changer hangs her current diaper bag we're using!
And for the heck of it, here's her other diaper bags!

(Top: backpack Christmas gift, pink/brown Kalencom bag, purple sm bag, black "Daddy" bag, centered-zebra bag were getting a big "R" put on, pink/green duffle bag for sleepovers at Mimi's, maroon initials bag Mommy added ribbon to)

Her "bows" wall.....ummm yeah we get a lil carried away I realize!

(To view the bows & bow holders I made, click here)

Her other accessories-sunglasses!

Her shoe cabinet in her closet! (Not pictured are her pink Nike's she was wearing this day)

And her bathroom connects her room to her playroom (jack 'n jill style)

Her playroom...
Entering...(Rylie wanted to be in the shot too! I just added that pink curtain! Took me forever to find it!) And the square pictures on either side of her window are from my dear friend Casey as well.

Entering from her bathroom side...

Her toy shelf. I just added those wall decals this week & I love them! $15 at Target & they have lots of other kinds!

Her armoire across the wall from the toy shelf. Daddy just put a TV & our portable DVD player in there so now I can put on cartoons too while we play!

Her little kitchen next to the armoire (in front of the closet door to keep Rylie from going in there & raiding our Christmas decorations! lol)

And her fabulous little table & chairs she got for Christmas from Mimi with her new tea party set!

Hope you enjoyed our tour of Rylie's world! Thanks for stopping by!
Visit Kellys Korner to view other adorable nurseries featured in this tour!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nightly Routine

Every night since Rylie was born we've had our same routine! After her bath she gets her teeth brushed & gets her jammies on. Mommy combs her hair & tells her what a pretty girl she is. Then we pick out her clothes for the next day. Rylie-aka miss independent-has started picking out her own clothes now!

Carefully making her selection

She loves clothes-can you tell?!

The final choice!

After that we read her a bedtime story. She sits in her little chair & Mommy or Daddy (depending on the night) sit beside her on the floor. Usually she wont let us finish & just takes the book outta our hands to read it herself

This particular book is from Kendall! She gave it to her on Easter & Rylie loves it!

And after story, we say our night-night prayers & go to sleep!

"Thank you, Rylie for loving your night-night time & not fighting sleep! You've rarely done that in your 19 1/2 mos you've been alive & we really appreciate you being so good about going to bed at night! Sweet dreams princess!"