Sunday, April 19, 2009


Friday afternoon we had our 1st storm of the season. We had expected it to rain all day but it didnt actually reach us until about 4pm. Rylie was napping & the thunder actually woke her up. She has always slept through storms in the past. I tried to get her to lay in my bed with me & see if she would nap more because she hadnt gotten much nap in, but she was too wound up & fascinated by the storm!

"I gots my blankie & Kitty! I aint skeered of no storm!"

"Its ok Kitty. Dont be scared."

"Look at the rain Kitty!"

" it's gettin scary out there!"

It stopped raining for a few hours & then came back in the middle of the night. We had some very small hail, but it was kinda loud & woke Rylie up again. Poor thing took quite awhile to calm down & get back to sleep. Like I said she's always slept through them before & is a very heavy sleeper anyways, but Friday they were keeping her up! Hopefully this isnt a "stage" Rylie will be in this year of being scared of the storms.
By the way, once we turned her air purifier back on-no more runny nose or cough!


The Pifer's said...

HAPPY 18 MONTHS RYLIE and can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitty and her looking out the window, TOO adorable!

GRANDMA said...

I'm glad Rylie has kitty to keep her company and she her thru the "storms in life". The pictures of Rylie and her best "friend" are just adorable!