Monday, April 27, 2009


Rylie is feeling better this evening. I'm sorry I am just now getting to my emails/other messages & didnt have time earlier to go further into detail but Rylie got very sick last night. Long story short she wouldnt stop throwing up & also had very bad diarrhea (too much info?) It was a very rough night for the 3 of us. She would get sick, we'd throw everything in the wash, clean her up, brush her teeth & put her back down in her pack 'n play next to our bed. Just as she would be getting to sleep, she'd get sick again. This repeated until very early this morning. I think we did about 7 loads of laundry alone last night from her being sick. It was an awful cycle & so heartbreaking seeing your little one suffering with nothing you can really do for her. Finally very early this morning she stopped throwing up & actually got to sleep. I could not sleep though, worried if I did then I'd miss her getting sick. Today I tried feeding her the B.R.A.T. diet recommended by her doctor, whom I also was on the phone with late last night getting instructions from. Rylie didnt seem too interested in eating though. She did stop throwing up, but still had the bad diarrhea & lemme just warn you ahead of time-graphic description! Her diapers werent able to hold it in because it was so runny, SO more laundry & a further upset baby girl. This afternoon David came home early & let me get some much-needed rest. Rylie finally took herself a nap as well & once we woke her from it this evening, she has been acting much better! She's stopped with the diarrhea now as well, but still didnt want to eat anything but a banana half. She went to sleep tonight without a fight so hopefully by tomorrow she'll be back to her old self. I'm still going to keep her quarantined for a few more days though just to be safe. The doctor said once she's gone 24 hours without vomit or diarrhea, she can go back to eating her normal foods & drinking milk. We still dont know what it is exactly that she had. We thought from the start it might be rotavirus because she's had the same symptoms, but with this quick recovery, we're thinking it was probably more a stomach bug or something bad she ate. We'll keep yall updated with how she's doing tomorrow! Thank you everyone who prayed for her! We really appreciate it!


Sugar's Mommy said...

Glad she's feeling better. Hope it was just a bug.

Shelly said...

glad shes back to norm! that can be rough. poor baby