Sunday, April 5, 2009

Neighborhood "Drive-In" Block Party

On Saturday night us & some neighbors hosted a block party & invited lots of friends. We rented a huge inflatable projector screen & watched the new Disney movie "Bolt" on it. We all brought lawn chairs out & Rylie sat in her pack 'n play, already in pj's ready for bed & watched the movie in our neighbors yard. It was a lot of fun! We got the whole street involved! We all popped our own popcorn & brought out drinks. Definitely a great bonding experience with friends & neighbors! We cant wait to do it again soon! Here are some pictures I took to give yall an idea of what this looked like. Sorry they're badly lit. It was very dark & I didnt feel like editing these up, but you still get the idea.

The screen was between our house & a neighbors. We also hooked up our cable box to the projector & watched some shows on it after the movie was over! Hmm...maybe Super Bowl party this way next year?? hehe

Everyone packing up after the movie ended. We were sitting directly across the street from the screen. We had easily 30 people attend!

Does anybody have other neighborhood block party suggestions or fun things yall have done?


Sugar's Mommy said...

That looks like a fun idea. We need to try that sometime here where we live.

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