Friday, April 10, 2009

Mommy-Daughter Lunch

It is a Good Friday indeed! It was such a pretty day today! Rylie & I decided to head out & have a lunch date-just the 2 of us!
Excited girl on the way to lunch!
(A little blurry because I whipped around & took this real fast while at a red light)
I took her to Chili's (a favorite in our house!) and she sat right next to me in the booth in a big-girl booster seat.
Lemme give a shoutout to these Lunchables Jr's! We LOVE them! Jaiden's Mommy told me about them last Fall (I believe?) and they're a regular buy now! They come with turkey, ham, or chicken breasts strips & then each also has cheese (or apple sauce) & crackers! They come in a 2-pack for about $2 (basically $1 each). These things are perfect for my little picky eater! She'll eat the whole thing with a cup of yogurt for lunch. I just keep our fridge stocked with them & every time we're eating out, I just throw one in a lunch box for her with her sippy of milk. She's just not big enough to eat a kids meal right now (and too picky an eater!) so these are perfect for eating out!
So anyways, we had a great lunch together.
(Not the best pic of me, but her smile's sooo cute in this one I had to share it!)
Then we headed over to TJ Maxx, which was pretty much right behind Chili's here. We just went to "look" & I ended up finding the cutest Liz Claiborne bag for $20-normally $60! It'll be perfect for vacation next month! I also got Rylie a little something for her Easter basket, but you'll have to wait until Sunday to see what it is!
I hope everybody is enjoying this beautiful Good Friday!!
(PS Wendy's fish sandwiches will be gone after Sunday =( Have you tried them yet?)

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grandma said...

Rylie looks like such a big girl eating her lunch. Where did my "little baby girl" go!