Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kitty Goes To Lunch

Miss Hollywood here dug these outta her diaper bag & carried them around/wore them all morning!

We met our friends Becca & Kendall for lunch again today. Rylie brought Kitty along too! I took some cute pictures of her & Kitty while we waited for Becca & Kendall to arrive...

"Yay! Kitty likes going to lunch too!"

"What should Kitty order?

"I love my Kitty!"

"I see Kendall!"

I didnt get any pictures of our girls together but Becca did so once she sends them to me or posts to her blog I'll post them on here!


Becca - said...

Rylie- Thanks for letting Kendall play with Kitty today!!

grandma said...

what did Kitty have for lunch?