Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday!

On Sunday morning we all got up & ate breakfast. Then we got dressed in our new Easter clothes & let Rylie look at her gifts from Mommy & Daddy & what the Easter Bunny put in her basket.

She loved her bunny purse from Mommy & Daddy! The gift I got her at TJ Maxx Friday was the little Cabbage-Patch doll with Pony set. The doll comes with Rylie's birthday & the name "Riley" so it was too perfect not to get for her! ha

Then the 3 of us went to church in downtown Houston where David has gone for awhile. (Still dont have a church of our "own" here yet) Afterwards, we went to Dave's mom's house & had lunch. Then we told Rylie the Easter Bunny came by & left some eggs for her outside. So she was excited to see what the Bunny left!

Ready to get some eggs! She used Daddy's old basket since we left hers at home.

Gettin some eggs!

Checkin out all her eggs!

We had a very good Easter overall! The church service was great, the lunch was delicious, & I think Rylie had a good time! We never did get to dye Easter eggs, even though I talked about doing that all last week. Time just got away from us! Next year Rylie will be old enough to do them herself though!

PS This is our 400th post!!! Can you believe it?! Thanks for reading!


The Pifer's said...

I'm glad she had a HAPPY EASTER :) I love all the pics, and woo hoo for your 400th post (HOLY COW...I'm barly over 150 haha) I love reading your blog sweetie!!!! Keep it up!

Becca - said...

What a great family picture!!

Rylie's dress is adorable. Is that the Gymboree dress?? It looks super cute on her. I thought ya'll bought her one from Babies R Us??

~the mccrarys~ said...

oh yeah i forgot to explain what happened with her dress! we got her a pretty blue-ish one at babies r us & it was IMPOSSIBLE to find stuff to match it-bow, shoes, my dress, etc. so like 2 weeks ago i returned it & this gymbo one was on sale so i went ahead & got it. it was the one i loved all along anyways but was just too expensive when it first came out. i like this pink one better because she can wear it again all summer since it's not "too fancy" hehe!

grandma said...

I'm glad you had a great Easter! Rylie looks like she had a lot of fun hunting the checking out the eggs.