Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter Kindermusik

Rylie was showing off her Easter spirit in Kindermusik today! Look at this funny face she kept making today! Her new thing is sticking her bottom lip out & flipping it over. lol

Rylie was super excited her teacher brought out big beach balls to play with! These things are her new favorite toy! This was the first time I'd ever seen her try to take a toy away from another kiddo! She immediately saw that ball though & thought it was the only one so she thought she'd just take it from a little girl. Mommy quickly jumped in & told her "NO" & showed her where the others were. She was ok then.

Then Rylie darn near fell asleep during the towel ride. She was mad when it was time to move on to the next activity. She loves doing those towel rides! I guess I should do some at home with her. lol

And today we did something different with the parachute. The kiddos sat on top of it & we shook it around them. Some loved it, others were scarred for life. lol

Rylie was one to love it though!

I love how before her 1st Kindermusik class I said I wouldnt be one of "those" moms who brings the camera everywhere! haha Well, that totally is me though & once I saw other moms bringing their cameras I didnt feel so bad. Now I think I'm the only one but I love taking pictures of everything when it comes to Rylie! Just look how much she's changed from one of her 1st Kindermusik classes last Summer!

(Yes, that's Jaiden & Kendall next to Rylie on the parachute from last Summer! Can you believe how much they've changed as well?!)


Sugar's Mommy said...

She's so cute. And yes, she has changed so much. So much more hair!!!

grandma said...

Rylie is so much more confident now and so much more cuter, if that's possible!