Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Rylie & I ventured out today in search of bluebonnets for some pictures. We met Becca & Kendall out too! I was very sad we didnt get any of Rylie last year but every chance we had it was either raining or the ground was still soaked from raining. So this year I was determined! Then it turns out bluebonnets are hard to find in Houston. Luckily a friend found some & told me where they were! Unfortunately today there were lots of bees & wasps everywhere on all the bluebonnets. We had to be fast & cautious. Rylie didnt want to cooperate with that plan. I think she was scared of the flowers or something? She was very difficult to get to sit still & smile for a pretty picture! lol Here are a few good ones I managed to get.

Rylie & Kendall just wanted to run around & play!

Best shot I could get of them both sitting down!

Yep, we're criminals & picked one.


Becca - said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!

I'm so behind on blogging. I'll be lucky if i get mine posted next week!!

grandma said...

Rylie looks like she's cooperating in these pictures. She's just being "Rylie".

Sugar's Mommy said...

Cute pictures. I hadn't thought about anything like that. It looks like a good idea.

Ashley said...

They turned out soo cute!!

Shelly said...

they are too cute! i think those are the same shoes i bought for kinley while we were in breck..that kendall has on!