Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Girl Kindermusik

Today Rylie visited the big kids class that she will move up to after this session ends. We had one makeup class so we decided to use it to visit this older group & see if Rylie is ready to move up. She is more than ready! That girl had so much fun today! It new toys, new music, and some familiar faces since her neighbor friends Raegan & Jaiden are in there (and Jaiden is also in our regular class as well too). Cant wait to start this age group in this Summer's session! Here's some pictures of our big girl today!

Laughing with Raegan's Daddy

"Is Mommy watching me? I'm about to get into mischief!"

Playing her instrument she picked out

Me & my toddler!

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grandma said...

love the dress she has on and the picture of the two of you!