Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Normal

My little Rylie has been awesome today-back to her old self! She's gotten her appetite back, her color, her happy little smile! We're so relieved this only turned into a 24 hour thing & wasnt the rotavirus afterall. Little Jaiden had it (at least were pretty sure it was that) a few months ago & I saw them struggle with it for 9 days so we're very thankful & blessed it didnt last that long with Rylie! Her & I have just been staying inside today catching up on laundry & cleaning. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get to leave the house, but still gonna stay away from other kiddos for one more day. Thanks again everyone for your thoughts & prayers!

All smiles today feeling better!
(Look, Grandma! I can finally fit in this outfit you gave me!)

She looks much better today than yesterday-here watching Sesame Street in bed =(

And her new sneakers she tried out today that Mommy & Daddy got her last weekend!


Shelly said...

aw kinners has already outgrown those pjs and tennis shoes! so sad :( guess that means time for SHOPPING lol. glad she is feeling better, i hate it when they are sick!

grandma said...

Rylie, you look so precious in your little "princess windsuit". I am so glad you can wear it and that you are feeling so much better. I hate it when you are sick and we can't do anything to take away the hurt.